10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Moving Company

Are you looking for a moving company? Whether you are relocating to a nearby town or across cities, the services of moving companies come in handy. But, before you hire a mover here are the questions you should ask.

1. Do They Have Recommendations?

Movers should provide you with contacts of previous clients. You can call them up and ask about their experience moving with the company. If available, ask for contacts of customers who moved from your location to the same place you intend to settle. Previous customers can help you get a rough idea of the costs and moving services. You may find more information at Hudson Movers if you need additional resources.

2. How Is Their Moving Schedule?

Different movers have different moving plans. When looking for one, ask about the time it takes to reach the new town. Also, inquire how long it will take to pack, load and arrange your belongings. A precise schedule will help you plan early to ensure you settle down in the shortest time possible.

3. Do They Offer Packaging Services?

Ask your mover about the type of packaging service available. Discuss what they will use to pack your items and if they will provide special boxes fragile things. Also, ask if they will provide people to pack or if you will do yourself.

4. Who Will Load Your Belongings?

In some moving contracts, you are expected to provide loaders while in others, the company provides skilled personnel to handle the items. Ask how many will be needed for the number of things you have. Additionally, confirm if you will pay the loaders or if it will be part of the total charges.

5. How Will They Transport Your Items?

Usually, movers have trucks to fit the number of household items you have. However, your mover may need to transfer your items to a different vehicle, especially for long distance moves. Ensure you confirm beforehand the type of transport available at the time of your move.

6. Is Your Mover Licensed?

A moving company should provide license proof. Permits show that your mover meets the legal requirements and guarantees safety of your items. If you will be moving across countries, ensure the company has the right documentation to access different countries.

7. Do They Offer Liability Insurance?

When moving, your company will handle your belongings from the time of packaging to settling down in your new home. Most companies will provide insurance for your items, especially for international moves. Ask if the insurance cost will be part of the total cost or a different entity. Liability insurance guaranties safety of your items and the company has to pay if damages occur.

8. Are There Extra Costs?

When hiring a moving company, ensure they provide a detailed list of all the charges to prevent hidden costs. Also, confirm what the total cost will be and if you need to pay for extra services that may arise along the way.

9. How is the payment plan?

Once you have concluded the cost of services, ask about the available payment options. Your company may need deposits before the move whereby you can settle the balance after. Other companies can allow full payment after the move. Also, inquire the modes of payments available and additional costs of money transfer.

10. Which Documents Will You Get?

Moving companies provide contract documents especially for long distance moves or international shipping. Read through the agreement to ensure everything tallies with your discussions. Also, ask if you will get invoices and receipts as proof of your payment.

When hiring a mover, consider asking the above questions. It will help you narrow down to the services you require depending on your budget. Also, it will help you understand the moving process making it easier to plan.

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