5 Simple AC Care Tips for All Home Owners

Regular household maintenance tasks for your air conditioners are more economical than observing maintenance. You get reduced energy charges, dodge critical breakdowns, and stay cool throughout summer.

Your AC unit will be more economical to run, operate more efficiently, and use up minimum energy. Your system will also be more durable, taking longer to operate before needing replacement. The do-it-yourself tips outlined here are just for you.

  1. Air Filter Cleaning and Replacement

This is among the essential maintenance tasks to be done regularly. You can do it monthly during winter and summer when it is used a lot and once in times of spring or the fall.

You can find the air filter:

  • On your furnace slot – bottom, top, or on the side.
  • At the back of the return grille.
  • Inside the furnace’s or air handler’s blower compartment.

Harder work is done by your system when its filter is clogged with allergen particles, dirt, and dust which reduce the air flow. The air getting into your home through the system may also not be clean.

  1. Inspect Components and Wiring

Always put turn your air conditioner off before working on it. After removing the access panel, check for overheating signs –  burnt or melted wires. Your electrical components must be tight and if possible check the capacitors if you have a test meter.

You can replace the conductive switch if you find excessive pitting. If you cannot replace any of the parts by yourself, you can call an expert for guidance.

  1. Thermostat examination

Make sure your thermostat is working properly and keeping your desired temperature. You can opt for a programmable thermostat if you still own the mechanical type.

A programmable model warms your house when no one is home and cools it down half an hour before people come back in the evening.

You will save money and energy this way when your unit does not run throughout the day in an empty home.

  1. Check the Fan for the Condenser Unit

Turn the unit off and confirm that the fan of the condenser unit is in good working condition. If you find damage to the blades, chips or cracks, you can replace them. You may need to regularly oil the bearings of the fan motor if your air conditioning unit is an older model.

  1. Cleaning the Outside Unit

With time, the outside unit gets dirty, and both the airflow and system capacity is reduced. Make sure you start at the top with your hose angled at about45°. Avoid using a power washer, and you must remember not to damage the coil fins.

You can also trim plants that are around your unit to ensure a continuous airflow that is not impeded.

Professional AC Maintenance.

You will greatly benefit from proper maintenance of your unit. These benefits include comfort during hot summers, save energy, and save money.

You can also contact professionals for assistance with your conditioning unit as they perform additional maintenance tasks for efficient and effective AC performance.

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