5 Tips for Pest Control within Your Home

Pest infestation can be such a nuisance. It is usually associated with problems such as discomforting bug bites, property destruction and diseases. Therefore, it is important to engage in pest control mechanisms such as the ones listed on this post to liberate your home from pest menace.

1. Maintain high hygiene standards in your kitchen

Poor hygiene in the kitchen is a major attraction for pests. Cockroaches and mice are particularly attracted to remains of food on the kitchen counter, sink, or floor. Failure to clear off these remains provides pests with a steady supply of food. Eventually, they find a habitat in your kitchen cabinets and crevices around the home.

To avoid this problem, you should get rid of any leftovers as quickly as possible. Also, take out your trash regularly to avoid rat infestation. To control fruit flies, do not let your fruits and vegetables over stay in the kitchen. Stale veggies and overripe fruits emit a scent that attracts fruit flies.

2. Call a pest exterminator

Pest extermination is a safe solution for eradicating aggressive pests. Wasps, hornets, and bees are extremely territorial and aggressive. To control such pests, you should call a pest exterminator. These professionals possess the necessary safety equipment to handle pests.

3. Maintain your yard

Always keep your flowers and landscaping plants trimmed and tidy. An overgrowth of grass provides a habitat for pests such as rats and mice. Rake all the leaves and debris that accumulate in your yard especially during the fall season. Besides that, weed the flower beds and trim the hedges to ensure free circulation of air.

If you have firewood, store them away from the house to prevent termite infestation. A five-foot radius is adequate. The point of contact between soil and wood is a good breeding place for termites and ants. Therefore, keep firewood in racks erected a few inches above the ground.

4. Perform regular inspection

It can be very difficult to track pests in your house. Mice and cockroaches, for instance, are highly mobile and may not be easy to spot. In most cases, you will only realize their presence after they start causing significant damages to your property. It is cheaper to control pests rather than to eradicate them. Therefore, you should carry out preventive measures such as scheduling for a routine inspection.

Some signs that your house is pest-infested include chirping sounds in the attic or ceiling, movements within walls, and pest droppings in dark corners.

5. Clear the drains

Sinks and floor drain usually accumulate grime and debris that attracts pests. Small flies often use these places as a breeding ground. Therefore, inspect your sinks, bathtubs, basement, and laundry room drains to ensure that there isn’t any accumulated gunk. Pest control service providers insist that you carry out regular drain cleaning exercises to destroy breeding grounds for flies.

Pest control is much cheaper than remedying a pest problem. Therefore, use the tips discussed on this post to prevent a severe infestation. Locate and block any cracks or crevices to eradicate pest and rodent hideouts. For more information, visit the Reliable Pest Control website.

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