5 Tips on How You Can Choose a Driveway Alarm

Having a driveway alarm will not only help you avoid security issues, but you will also be at peace knowing that your employees and loved ones are safe. Preventing security problems is the best safety precaution you can implement. A good wireless driveway system can enable you to do exactly that. Here a few tips on how you can choose the best driveway alarm.


1 Identify the Minimum Transmission Distance You Require

The transmission distance is the distance between the driveway motion sensor and the drive alert system in your vehicle. You need to make sure the alarm you choose can effectively transmit signals between the indoor sensor and your vehicle. A good system can transmit signals for a distance of up to 304.8 m in an open place and 91.4 m in areas that have a lot of trees and walls.


2 Consider Your Needs

You need to know exactly why you want a driveway alarm. Are you looking for something that can detect only one vehicle? Or one that can detect animals, people as well as vehicles? There is a variety of alarm systems designed to perform different functions. So choose one that can fully satisfy your needs.


3 Look for Possible Interference

You need to seek out possible interference. This could be from hills, trees or any other object that can reduce the quality of transmission. Make sure you install the alarm away from any obstacles that can reduce the transmission distance. Once you locate an ideal place, figure out the number of receivers and sensors you will need. This is very helpful, especially if you have a large home and multiple driveways.

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4 Decide if the Alarm Will be Part of the Home Automation System

You need to decide whether you will install the alarm as part of your home automation or as a standalone system. Installing the alarm as part of the home automation system can help you add other features to the alarm. For example, the home automation system can allow the wireless alarm to display a live webcam feed or flashlights when triggered.


5 Consider Price

You need to take into account the cost of the driveway alarm system before you buy it. Take at least three alarms from different manufacturers and compare their prices against the features they have. Avoid alarms that are very expensive or too cheap. It could be the manufacturer is using the price to cover up for hidden defects in the system.

There are several items you need to consider when choosing an alarm. Doing so will help you get something that creates a long-lasting impression and works according to your expectations. The five items discussed in the post above will help you get the right system from suppliers such as, Absolute Automation.

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