How to Save Money on Office Cleaning Services

When your business first opened, you or your limited staff may have cleaned the office periodically. For example, one person may have been responsible for vacuuming each morning while another was responsible for taking the trash out each evening. As your business grew, your office cleaning needs may have expanded, and your budget enabled you to pay for professional cleaning services. However, savvy business owners always keep an eye trained on their bottom line, and because of this, you may be wondering if you can reduce your office cleaning expense in any way. These tips will help you to save money in this area while still keeping your office as clean as possible.

Compare the Service Options
One of the first things you should do if you are concerned about office cleaning Toronto costs is to get a few additional quotes from the competition. Your cleaning company may have had the best rates a few years ago when you first hired them, but this may no longer be the case. By shopping around for cleaning services annually, you may be surprised to discover how much you can save by transferring your service to another company. You can avoid paying more than necessary for your office cleaning needs when you shop around for savings.

Have Employees Pitch In
Just because your office has grown and your business is better established does not mean that your employees no longer need to pitch in and do their share to keep the space clean. Unless you have a dedicated janitor on-site, ensure that you dole out cleaning responsibilities evenly to all staff members. A smart idea is to set up a rotating schedule so that each employee has their opportunity to vacuum, take out the trash and more. These regular efforts may enable you to get by with biweekly or even monthly cleaning service to save money.

Set Up a Service Contract
Some cleaning companies offer discounted rates if you are under a contract. This contract may include your weekly or monthly cleaning service as well as spring cleaning efforts that are made seasonally to keep your office space clean. Some will require you to pre-pay for service, and others may accept a pay-as-you-go method. As you shop around to obtain quotes, inquire about a discount for a service contract.

Keeping your office clean is critical, and this is because cleanliness impacts the health of your staff, the image you project to clients and more. While you want to keep your office as clean as possible, you do not want to pay more than necessary to do so. By employing these helpful tips, you can save money on your office cleaning needs.

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