6 Common Furnace Problems in Homes

While winter weather can be beautiful, the bare trees and grey sky can take a toll on your home because of the cold. Besides, the weather tends to be wet even if it is not snowing. Consequently, people retreat at home where the furnace gifts you with the warmth and humidity you require to beat the cold weather. Unfortunately, sometimes furnaces break down leaving your home cold as you wait for repairs. Notably, homeowners should hire professionals for furnace repairs the same way they hire the experts for furnace installation.

1. Clogged filters

Clogged filters significantly reduce the flow of air into your furnace, which reduces the efficiency of the unit. Additionally, they increase wear and tear on your furnace because it is forced to work harder than it should so that it can produce the required temperatures. A furnace that is blowing cold air or is not blowing air is as a result of clogged filters. Make sure you hire a professional to check on the heaters and fix the issue.

2. Thermostat issues

The thermostat of your furnace is responsible for controlling and determining the heat that the unit will produce as well as the amount of heat produced. Thermostat problems result to no fan to force hot air from your house, no heat, and intermittent heat. Most homeowners have handled thermostat problems at some point in their lives. The issues can cause a lot of discomforts. It is best to hire an expert to inspect your thermostat.

3. Airflow problems

Fan motors, bearings, and belts in your furnace significantly cause air flow issues. The components should be repaired and maintained so that they don’t cause poor heat control and overheating of the furnace. Additionally, failing and aging ducts cause airflow problems in your heater.

4. Ignition problems

Ignition of your furnace becomes an issue when its igniter becomes loose or rusts. Pilot lights easily go out as a result of draft blowing through the furnace. Fortunately, an expert can handle ignition or pilot problems by replacing the igniter.

5. Constant cycling

It is hard for homeowners to diagnose regular cycling of their furnaces. A cycling furnace is an indication that it is struggling to regulate your home’s temperature. A professional can quickly diagnose the issue and replace the faulty parts if they are worn out or broken. You might require an expert for furnace installation Oshawa if the thermostat or motor has faulty switches or poor fuel mixes.

6. Burner cleaning and adjustment

The furnace unit relies on its burner to heat air and blow the heated air through the air ducts to your house. Sometimes the burner fails to lite even when the ignition system is not faulty. Therefore, you need an expert to adjust or clean the burner without causing safety concerns.

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