6 Facts About Air Conditioning And It’s Effect On The Environment

When your air conditioning is broken who do you call? Not the Ghostbusters but an air conditioning repair service. Air conditioners have become an essential part of modern homes and buildings. They keep us comfortable and help to maintain a temperature that is easy to work in.

Air conditioners are very helpful for many people and have greatly assisted in many areas outside the scope of just keeping us cool. However, despite the level of comfort that air conditioners do provide for many people, there is still some adverse effects that using an air conditioner may have on a person.

6 Facts About Air Conditioning And It’s Effect On The Environment

# 1 – Say Good-Bye To Your Heat Tolerance

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Perhaps one of the most prominent effects that using air conditioners have on a person is their tolerance for heat. People become so accustomed to using air conditioners that they can no longer deal with the worldly atmosphere and as a result, the level of intolerance they develop leads to may illness and sicknesses.

# 2 – Uses A LOT Of Energy

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An air conditioner uses a lot of energy and maybe the reason that your house electric bill is so high. BEcause they take up so much energy, it is extremely straining on not only your home but also for the whole electrical grid.

If you have ever had the whole city electrical grid knocked out you will know how much of a burden that can be.

# 3 – Has Assisted In Creating Certain Medications

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This is perhaps one of the best things that air conditioners have done. Because of the technology behind the air conditioner is used to create a cooler atmosphere this has given scientist and researcher the perfect atmosphere to create new medicines and bacteria that would help improve a person’s overall health.

# 4 – Causes Fatigue

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The cold atmosphere makes us lethargic. This is evident in with many animals, like a bear that goes into hibernation when it’s winter. The reason behind this is that when its cold you have to use more energy and burn more calories.

As a result, the body starts to enter a more relaxed and restful state to conserve energy.

# 5 – Asthma

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If you sleep with the air conditioner running, you may very well develop certain breathing conditions. Conditions like asthma are some of the most prevalent breathing conditions that people develop because of the cool atmosphere.

# 6 – Dry Skin

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The cold air has a very bad effect on our skin. Dry skin can start to develop when a person continually uses air conditioning. This continued use of air conditioning not only drains your wallet because of the high usage of energy, potentially give you asthma but it can also give you dry skin. And with so much of our society based on how someone looks – dry skin can be a put off too many.

So you may want to turn the amount that you use your air conditioner.

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