Lawn Care Trends For 2017

Lawn care businesses who want to stay ahead of competition need to keep an eye on the popular lawn care trends. Homeowners, on the other hand, can borrow invaluable information from trending lawn ideas to achieve healthy lawns. Not all trends may apply to your lawn, but they will show you what to add or adjust to your lawn. Discussed below are some of the lawn care trends of 2017.

1. Sustainability

Statistics show that 40 million acres of land are dedicated to lawns in the U.S. with over 30 billion dollars spent annually on lawn maintenance. The amount of resources used in lawn care and the effects of the resources on the environment has called for sustainability.

Today, professional lawn services are aimed at providing more sustainable and lower input lawn ecosystems. Lawn companies are achieving this through proper selection of the best grass species and varieties. Other activities like proper site preparation, lawn installation and the right follow-up care are also being used to help reduce the resources needed to maintain a lawn.

2. Water Management

Reduced water usage and water recycling are growing in popularity due to the drought conditions experienced across the country. Additionally, local water restrictions have become stricter, forcing lawn operators to add water management to their lawn care services.

Nowadays, homeowners and lawn care companies are lawn seeding with more drought resistant grass or grass types that consume less water to reduce water usage by almost 50 percent. This trend will help in keeping lawns looking fresh and green even during dry conditions.

3. Organic lawn fertilizer

Lawn care companies and homeowners have significantly increased the use of organic lawn fertilizer. Organic fertilizers have natural elements like bone meal for phosphorus, feather meal for nitrogen and seaweed for potassium. Unlike artificial fertilization which provides a heavy, immediate dose of human-made nutrients, organic lawn fertilization gives your lawn an easier-to-handle diet of nutrients that are released more slowly.

4. Color Blocking

Mostly common in women’s fashion, color blocking is the use of discrete colors to come up with interesting and complementary color combinations. This trend is currently being used to make a splash in outdoor living spaces. It entails framing or highlighting a particular plant or area.

In this technique, grasses and ground cover with bright colors are color blocked with garden flowers and blooming plants that have different colors. Additionally, you can use a row of potted plants or outdoor furniture to make your outdoor environment more attractive.

These are only a few of the lawn care trends for 2017 that you can try out. However, it is important that you consult with a lawn care company to know more about the trend you want to incorporate on your lawn. This way you will get more beauty for less work, more value per square foot and less waste. The Weed Man USA website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

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