What to Look For When Hiring a Painting Company

The services of skilled painters are commonly used by homeowners for both interior and exterior residential painting projects. A painting company may provide you with faster, easier, safer and more beautiful results than what you could accomplish on your own. Some homeowners simply do not want to hassle with the completion of a painting project, and others may worry about spilling paint on the floor or falling off of a ladder. Regardless of your concerns, professional painters are available to help you complete your project with ease. However, before you can benefit from these services, you need to find the right painting company to hire. Focus on these factors as you narrow down the options for your next residential painting project.

Relevant Experience
One of the most important things to look for in professional painters is experience. You could paint your walls on your own, but you want better results from a professional. To achieve the results you desire, you need to hire a team that has been completing numerous projects similar to yours over the years. If you plan to use the painting company for a decorating painting style, to refinish furnishings or for other types of specialized tasks, ensure that they have relevant experience in this area.

Great Reviews
Any company can say that they have dozens of years of experience, but the best company will back up their statement through numerous consumer reviews. This may be on third party consumer review websites as well as on their own website. Some residential painting teams may also provide you with the names and phone numbers of past clients that you can call for direct references. If work was completed on the outside of a house, you may even be able to drive by the home to view the workmanship with your own eyes.

A Reasonable Quote
One of the primary things you may look for in a painting company is an affordable rate. Painters typically charge a total project fee based on their perceived number of hours worked as well as their estimation of supplies used. Some will include a caveat in their estimate in small print that states that you are responsible for any additional costs beyond what has been quoted. This type of wording gives them the ability to increase their estimate at will after the work has been completed. Therefore, when you are gathering quotes, read the small print.

Hiring a painter is a great idea if you have a large or complex residential painting project in front of you. A painter can easily bring your vision to life through their efforts, but not all painters have the same skills or experiences, and many charge varying rates. By carefully reviewing the options available with these factors in mind, you can more easily find the most qualified painter for the job.

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