Which Type of Hardwood Flooring Suits Your Home’s Architectural Style?

Perhaps you’ve decided that wood is the best choice of flooring materials for your home. That’s a huge decision on its own, but the choices don’t end there; before you can install the floor, you still have to narrow down the wood species, the type of cut, the plank lengths and widths and the type of finish to use. Your home’s architectural style is one of the most important criteria to consider when judging the best type of hardwood flooring NYC to install in your home. Let’s discuss some popular architectural styles and some wood flooring options that would be appropriate for each.

Best Hardwood Flooring Styles for Urban Industrial Homes

The urban industrial style is trending up right now, and hardwood floors suit this style exceptionally well. If this is your home’s architectural style, consider installing any of the following types of flooring:

  • Reclaimed wood flooring from any wood species locally available to you
  • Hand-scraped oak flooring
  • Bleached or chalk-finished wide-plank white oak flooring
  • Espresso-stained oak flooring

Ideal Woods for Flooring in Log-Cabin Style Homes

Log cabin homes are a preferred architectural style in many areas of North America. They’re suitable for both vacation homes and year-around residences. If you’re decorating a log cabin home, you’ll want to consider installing either of the following types of flooring:

  • Rustic cabin-grade oak flooring
  • Heart pine flooring

Suggested Woods to Use for Flooring in Queen Anne Revival Homes

While Queen Anne revival isn’t the trendiest architectural style at the moment, there are many highly valued Queen Anne revival homes available in North America. This style of home is heavily ornamented. If you’re aiming for a truly authentic Queen Anne revival home, heart pine is the top choice of flooring materials to consider installing. There are a few other suitable choices as well.

  • Walnut flooring with a dark, reddish or clear stain applied
  • Cherry flooring with a dark, reddish or clear stain applied

Appropriate Wood Floor Types for Craftsman Bungalow Homes

Craftsman bungalow homes are found throughout North America. Wood floors are ideal for accenting this architectural style, which emphasizes natural materials and enduring craftsmanship.

If you’re decorating a craftman bungalow home, consider using wooden boards milled at 2 inches to 3 inches wide for the most authentic look. While wider boards are trendy right now, they weren’t typically in use in the time period from 1905 – 1930, which was the heyday of the craftsman bungalow.

The following woods are good species to consider for flooring to accent a bungalow home:

  • White oak flooring
  • Maple flooring
  • Black walnut flooring
  • Chestnut flooring

No matter what your home’s architectural style, we’re positive a high-quality hardwood floor will enhance it. We hope this information is helpful to you for determining which type of wood flooring best suits your home’s architectural style. These suggestions will get you started with ideas, but there are many other possibilities that could work in addition to these.

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